Loneliness and being alone #Osho

Osho mentioned that human are always Lonely. The humans took birth alone and they will die alone. Loneliness is somehow related to your needs. . You live a life full of need and desire and There are certain hierarchies of needs. When one gets fulfilled, another follows. Here we can categorize the need to 2 types- higher and lower needs. The concept of loneliness appears only when all your lower needs are fulfilled. When one gets food,shelter and cloth then the higher needs comes in scenario. When the society becomes little affluent then suddenly people starts seeking for higher needs, That is the time when they feel lonely in crowd. A man in poverty will never feel lonely. He knows that he has to earn money to run his family. He feels hungry but never lonely. Osho said that whenever one feels lonely, one can start the journey of meditation. From lonely the psychology will turn to alone and slowly one will feel a peace in aloneness. Aloneness is a completely different concept and Osho mentioned that it is one of the unique way to be with you and explore your inner divine self.

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