Missing Child in dream

Missing child in dream shows something is missing in real life. As a parent, you should not worry about missing of your child. The dream is a symbolic meaning thaf you are loosing control of life. If you see your daughter missing in dream indicates that you may loose your career progression. To see son missing in dream indicates others will provide guidance to you in your life. If you are unable to find someone else child indicates complex relationship in near future.  If you dream of a child missing but not remembering anything else indicates that you need to focus in life. If you see a child missing among crows indicates you can face challenges in real life. To see your child missing among crowd indicates that you may have faced many difficulties in life . Dream of child missing die to human trafficking indicates that you are unnecessarily worrying about life. If you dream of an adult becoming a child and went missing indicates that you are vulnerable to certain situations in life. You must relax and learn to take the life Slowly. Dream of partner missing as a child in dream indicates that you have to explore yourself in relationship. Dream of child abducted in dream indicates strong feeling of fear in real life. To dream of missing a newborn baby indicates that you need to deal with anxiety in life.

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