Murder in dream

The dream of murder is dark and creepy but the dream is all about change. It is one of the powerful dream to change yourself. The dream is about leaving past and moving towards future. It is about letting go of past traumatic experiences. The dream also indicates that you are feeling guilty of a situation that you have to face consequences. To dream of murdering with weapon indicates some important and significant relationship has been severed in real life. If you donot want someone in life than it is common to see such dream. Dream of killing someone indicates that you are on the verge of loosing self control. The dream can also indicate end of a relationship in waking life.  It can also show the anger concealed within you. Watching someone getting murdered shows your need to watch your responsibility. Dream of serial killer indicates loss of conscience or inner emotions in real life. A murderer in dream indicates an important relationship is being cut in dream.
If you are a man and trying to kill a woman indicates that you are trying to remove the feminine side from you. If you dream of sister being murdered indicates that you can be sad in life in near future.To see your partner being murdered indicates loss of reputation in real life.

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