Nature wins

The tree stands still in wind and storm

Ensuring the roots are deep, wide and strong

The heavy wind blows and the flower falls

The flower withers without a call

The tree stood still and the sun shines

A bud bloomed to flower, the bee finds

The cycle continues without any attention

Nature knows to nurture every action

Nature is not cruel though it is supreme

Keeping a balance sheet in another realm

The realm is invisible though it is true

Theory of debt applies there too

The more you take, the more you give

Pay the price or nature denies to forgive

Truth should win and lie should fail

Nature balances it when justice don’t nail

LThe more you create, the more you destroy

There you found a thin line of jo

Joy is the light and sorrow is long

Hope survives when all fails along

Thoughts are deep and buried are emotions

Only theory of nature is time and motion

Believe in time and transcend with it

Then you will find the purpose of it

The purpose of life is unknown to many Believe in nature for the real epiphany

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