Purpose of birth of human

In spirituality, Osho differentiated the purpose of birth of human and animal. Osho mentioned human birth is always incomplete while animal birth is complete. The birth of human is incomplete because no human is born perfect. Man is born as a potential. Humans are like the seed of a tree. The seed needs to be nourished to grow into a fully grown tree. In this world, all humans needs to explore themselves. They must seek for higher purpose of life. Our soul is not complete unless human seek for consciousness and awareness. Only when human moves vertically in life then they explore themselves, they understand themselves. They feel blissful not only with themselves but with the existence. That’s the power of spirituality.The real spirituality is not in religion but it is within you. The bliss, the profoundness, the charm within you is spirituality. Spirituality is a beautiful journey and it never needs a caption.

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