Rise of jealousy in love and breakups

Osho said that love is the only religion of the world. However love is misinterpreted in human life since childhood. You can watch my previous video to understand what is love. In general, If your partner fall in love with someone else, you feel jealous. If one is not jealous, they feel they are not in love with the other person. But if you compare animals in love with a love object, they fight with each other. Fighting is far more natural way to express than jealousy. Jealousy doesn’t exist in animals for a love object One must understand,  Jealousy and love are polar opposite in reality.. Jealousy is the anger of the weak people. In reality a mind with jealousy cannot love and a mind with love cannot be jealous.With the rise of jealousy, one tries to be dominating on the other person. They want to control the other person. But one must remember that it will lead to end of freedom in relationship. One must understand that in relationship you cannot control other person. The moment you try to control the other person,  you fail in relationship. The moment you try to possess a person, you kill that person.

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