Seeing someone from past dream

Seeing someone from past repeatedly indicates that someone from past is trying to say something. There can be something pending in that relationship. The dream can also indicate that you need to move on in life. Dreaming about past loves indicates your desire to go back to past, relishing those moments, enjoying the simpler times. Dreaming about a person from past indicates you are reflecting in the qualities of other person. Dream of past friends indicates to let go and look forward for the desired goal. Dream of past relative indicates different nostalgic moments of sadness or regret or repentance of relationship with them in past. Dream of an old colleague and if you find yourself in dream struggling to get along with old colleague indicates you need to resolve the issues of current life. Dream of someone from past whom you haven’t met since years indicates that an important person from past has an significant impact in your present life. It is the indication of subconscious mind remembering that important person of past.Dream of someone from past indicates unresolved issues and relationship

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