Shoes in dream

Dream of shoe is a positive omen. It is about moving from wrong spiritual path to right spiritual path. The dream opens the door of opportunities to choose the right way. The dream indicates you should pay more attention to your values of life. The dream is about gaining success in any circumstances of your life. Shoe also indicates the journey of life.  Shoes of different category indicates your desire for certain qualities. For example dream of sports shoe shows you may subconsciously want few of the qualities of an athlete. Leaving the shoe behind indicates that you are looking for a change in real life. Walking barefoot indicates that you are facing challenges in real life. As there are different kind of shoes, each categories indicates certain things. For example: Dream of sandals indicates freedom and adventure in real life while high heel shows your desire for ambition in real life. Flip flops shoes your relax attitude and sports shoe shows energy and drive in real life.
Wearing or buying shoe in dream indicates you are going to choose a new way of life
Shoes not fitting indicates travel ahead. New shoes shows celebration in real life. Old shoes shows fun time ahead. Baby shoes indicates a new journey or a baby. One shoe indicates new job. Pair of shoe indicates gain of wealth in real life. Brown shoes in dream indicates great family life ahead while red shoes indicates passion in real life.

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