Shooting in dream

Shooting or hearing Shooting indicates unhappiness in life. The unhappiness can be due to your near and dear ones. The dream is also an indicator of upcoming trouble of your loves one. If you shoot someone, it indicates that you can loose self control in real life. If you are going to get shoot by others indicate that you can be hurt by others in real life. Dream of mass Shooting indicates problem in near future in real life. Shooting your friend in dream indicates argument in real life. Shooting relatives in dream indicates someone close to you may face trouble in life. Shooting in war shows that you can have a conflict with someone in real life. If you are shot but survived in dream indicates that you will overcome the obstacles in life. Dream of shooting your parents indicates negative feeling towards your parents in real life.  Shooting an unknown personality or stranger shows that you have to explore one of your hidden trait or personality. To shoot someone with sniper gun shows that  you have to be more positive in life. If a rifle donot shoot in dream indicates you are going through a stressful life. To see shooting people with laser gun in dream shows you need to rest and not stress yourself.if a gun is not firing in dream shows that you have lost control of a certain circumstance in life.

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