Suicide in dream

The dream of suicide can show helplessness and despair in real life. The dream shows that one of your character or trait is vulnerable to others. If you see other person committing suicide, it indicates that you are trying to escape influence exerted by other person on you. It is all about your progress in life. The dream is not at all connected to suicide in real life. The dream is also for your spiritual growth and transformation. Spiritually the dream means that an old past of your life needs to be explored. The suicide Dream is always taken negatively but the dream is all about ending a phase of life. It can be relationship ot job. The dream is about accepting life. Committing suicide in dream means that you may experience failure in near future. A lover committing suicide indicates your worried nature towards him or her for infidelity in real life. Parents committing suicide indicates that you are going through transformation in real life.

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