The dark pitch night

The dark approached and turned to a beam
A ray of light shimmering the theme.

The shimmering light lightened the pitch dark
Lonely Dark left on a journey to embark.

The journey was mesmerizing and soothing
He saw the twinkling stars gazing.

The stars look small though giant balls of gases
Dark wondered how it can turn dark to ashes.

The moon yawned and lightened the meadow
Dark wondered if there is any Open window.

Closing the window, dark waited a while
To only realize that he is in exile.

Craving for the shimmering light he went out
To see the ray of sunlight just peeped out.

Dark opened his arms to greet the light
Realizing that there is no use of fight.

When the man walked, he saw the shadow
Dark walked along the light to lighten the meadow.

Poem inspired by my thoughts

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