The poison food

Food is the mode of survival on earth. Nowadays with increased awareness, there is an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan foods. But there is also a science behind consumption of food. Food should be consumed in a certain state of mind. Food consumed joyously and happily will act differently than food consumed in a worried or sad state. The best food can have a poisonous impact if it is consumed in sad or worried state. As you are giving food to your body, it should be consumed with tremendous blissfulness. Eating non vegetarian food doesn’t only means violent diet. Violent diet is also when you are consuming food in anger or sadness. Eating in anger or worries is also a violent diet. So whenever one is angry or sad, it is better to wait and consume food. Wait for the mind to be joyful and blissful.. wait for it to be ready then only take meals. The state of mind is very important while you consume the food.

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