Things to do when you are alone

In this universe, we are all alone. If we contemplate, aloneness is not due to less human connection but it is an existential condition. Osho said that every human tries to befool themselves by creating relationship. He said that he is not against relationship but he wants one to understand the essence of inner relationship with his or her ownself. The inner relationship with oneself is important than outer relationship. When one is alone, one can try to create relationship with ownself.  When one is alone, one must take courage to enter into the path of loneliness. The beginning can be extremely difficult but lastly it pays off tremendously. When one don’t feel being alone as sadness but silence then one enjoy it. If one cannot escape being alone then one can relax and enjoy the silence. Once one settles with it, one starts enjoying it. In silence, one will be filled with stars and flowers of the universe.

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