Toilet in dream

Though toilet dream can be weird but the dream is a positive omen. In spiritual term, Toilet in dream indicates your own emotional strength and power. The dream usually brings luck and happiness in real life.Toilets in dream shows that in real life you may need privacy for emotional balance. The dream is an indication that you may be observed by others in real life. If others are watching you in dream while you go to toilet indicates you are stressed out in life.  Going to toilet in dream indicates moving forward in life but the approach can be unique. No doors in toilet indicates loss of control on others in real life.Blocked toilet in dream shows that you may have blocked energy in your body. Urinating in dream means you may need to go to toilet in real life. Urinating in public toilet in dream indicates that you may face problems in real life.  Gush of urine in dream indicates anxiety in real life.

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