Top 10 things karma says

People believes in astrology for something good to happen in our life. But it is always the Karma that pays.
Karma says:
Karma is a universal principal that influences every individual existence. It is like time and space.
Every action performed by everyone has an equal and opposite reaction.
The soul of the body is known as doer and it is the one which triggers you to do certain actions, whether good and bad.

Whatever you sow, so shall you reap.
Whatever you are today is just because what you did till today
The good and bad deeds of an individual is created by each of the actions we did in our entire life whether good or bad.
If your past life desired something, the super soul of your body knows how to fulfill it in the present life.
Your dedication to work will bear the fruit of your success
If individual wish to change his direction of life to live a better future, he needs to change his present activities.
It has its own “Law of return” that our activities return to us in a similar way that what we do to others.

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