Why Unhappiness is good

Osho said that in this universe only human can be tremendously happy. No animal or bird can be happy. Happiness and unhappiness are dualities of life. They are like two sides of same coin. Unhappiness is a frame of mind. Unhappiness doesn’t arise only for bad reason, it arises for good reason too. Osho said that only an alert person finds his capability. The realization of potentiality or capability makes one feel that nothing is happening in life and one is stuck. In such instances, unhappiness is not bad because it is the one that will take you to peak. If one is not unhappy, one will quit their effort. Unhappiness teaches one to face the challenges, to seek and search. Osho said that idiots don’t suffer from unhappiness, sensitive do. Only a sensitive person will try to reach their goal. But one must understand that one should not create unnecessary misery to be unhappy. Unhappiness is good only when it provokes you to go beyond it.

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