Validity of your marriage

Marriage is one of the sacred thread of relationship. It is a new phase of life. It is like a mirror. Osho said that marriage is the only relationship that can make you mature. Marriage shows your real face. It teaches you to communicate,  to love, to be with another person. Only a mediocre learns nothing from marriage. Osho said that marriage is blissful unless the partners depend on each other. Hatred, jealousy, rage, anger are all due to dependency in marriage. A pure love seeks freedom. Freedom is the only way to be joyous and blissful in love. It is the only way to go beyond love. Marriage needs love. Without love, Marriage is a deception. During marriage, a husband promises his wife to love beyond death. But before the honeymoon gets over, love disappears.  love is like a blooming rose, it withers everyday and a new rose blooms next day. It is like a rose blooming everyday. Osho compared marriage without love to a plastic flower. Because it is permanent but it never blossoms. Marriage is valid as long as love is valid. Or else it is a deception to yourself and your partner. It is an imprisonment rather than love and freedom.

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