Vomiting in dream

The dream of vomit usually shows dissatisfaction in waking life. If you are vomiting in dream shows that you want to remove unwanted energies. The dream indicates getting rid of Unwanted energies in own life. If you are vomiting in dream due to heavy drinking and over eating indicates the abundance in your life but take care if you have anything in excess. In case you have excessive good things in life, try to keep a safe distance from it. Throwing valuables like coin, jewels indicates windfall in real life. Throwing away silver can indicate someone around you or yourself can get pregnant in near future. Vomiting cloth or endless string indicates something may haunt you in near future. Vomiting Fruits indicates you may have treated someone badly in life. Cleaning the vomit of someone else indicates that you are a  caring person and love to take care of others. But be careful that you are not being taken advantage by others. Spiritually,  the dream indicates worries and embarrassment of real life. Dreaming your own son and daughter vomiting indicates your desire to back to childhood days. You want to be healed. It can also indicate hidden qualities within you. If you dream of a unknown child vomiting shows that something will finally click in your life.

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