What is a spiritual journey

The ultimate destination in a spiritual journey is enlightment. Many seekers embarks on this spiritual journey but hardly a handful of people reach the destination. Because the spiritual journey can be one of the toughest but a beautiful journey. It is working on inner self and transforming oneself. It is about exploring yourself, retrospecting yourself and connecting with the divine. There are many spiritual leaders who claims that spiritual journey is like walking into a tunnel. You cannot see the end of the tunnel. The beginning of the journey is beautiful but a threshold comes when you feel you are all alone stuck in the middle of the tunnel. The middle of the tunnel is like the threshold point. Boredom starts during that phase and many people leaves the journey at threshold. The threshold is like a testing phase in a spiritual journey. One needs to continue their journey even in boredom phase. Once one crosses the threshold and boredom phase, they come close to their destination or may reach the destination. The destination is beautiful. The point where one connects with the divine and becomes one with the existence

What is enlightment

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