What is greed

Greed is the outcome of emptiness of mind. Osho said that It is impossible for anyone to have a completely hollow or empty mind in this universe. Only when man is in sync with the universe, one is never empty. When there is emptiness, there is greed. Greed fills the Emptiness. There are different forms of greed- some are greedy about money, some for power , some for food. Impulsive shopping, impulsive eating are all part of greed. Greed is all about filling. Filling yourself with different things like furniture, home, food, friends etc. Greed simply fills the vast emptiness within you. Even eating is a fill up process. Sometimes, one is not hungry but still one is eating. Finally after filling oneself with different means throughout lifetime, one still remains miserable and empty. Osho said that there are two ways to fill the emptiness- one by tuning with the universe. When you are in tune with the universe then you will be filled with flowers and stars of the existence.  And the other only way is by greed.

Can character give rise to consciousness

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