What is love #Osho

Osho said that love is a mystery. Once you understand love, you understand all the mystics of the world.
Love is the only religion in this world. It9 is born when a child is born. It remains redundant and it blooms along with the maturity and intelligence of the child. But while the child grows, he or she is bombarded with all false love concept. for example you have to live and love a single person for entire life. By the time, the child grew he or she remains confused. The  notion of loving one person for whole life is not love but it is a permanent thing. Permanence ranks higher than love in this situation. Firstly one need to think if they can stay with the person for entire life then one think of love. Osho mentioned that one should not force love to be permanent. Life of a person keeps on changing and so is love. A kid’s love for certain things will change when he or she is adult. One must remember that freedom is the greatest value of love. In 21st century, many struggle to get joy in relationship. They search joy in all the mundane things of life. But do anyone ever think that joy can be found through freedom in relationship. Give your partner the  liberty in relationship. Give them the free will. Simultaneously you should also have freedom in relationship. Both should be independent and live a life with free will.
It is one of the best way to sustain in love.

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