Why you are hurt in love

Osho said that love is the only religion in this world. It is eternal and beautiful but it may turn ugly for many. Osho said that lust is the false conception of love. When we want something very passionately, it arises from our lust. And once our desire is fulfilled, we throw that person. It is a sheer insult to use a person as commodity and name it as love. And When you want a person out of lust, you are bound to be hurt. Because the person looses it’s importance with time. At the very beginning,one must understand that lust is often misinterpreted as love. Lust is superficial and animalistic while love is the only one that can make you rich. Love shows the ways to respect others. Freedom in relationship is love. There should be no ego hiding in love. It should be transparent and pure. Once you understand the concept of love, you will never be hurt.

What is greed

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