Why you don’t trust anyone

In this universe, mother is the first person to create a beautiful relationship with child. The relationship is brewed with love and trust. The relationship gives confidence to the child to trust on himself. With doubt on ourselves, we cannot trust anyone in our life. To trust anyone, first we need to trust on ourselves. Osho said that Trust is the cream of love. When a child grows, the child remains surrounded by love. Trust becomes his .natural quality unless someone forces the child to distrust. In early days, there was Shraddha, means trust among people. Trust was not cultivated. It was the innate nature of people. People developed it as there was a deep layer of love and relationship among friends, neighbors, relatives etc. Nowadays as love remained superficial, trust also decreased significantly among people. Trust is nothing but the climax of love. It is the nourishment of life. Without trust, one would be in the world of self doubt and fear. The perception towards life changes when there is a deep trust within. Trust helps to find the comfort and nourishment of life.

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