You donot sleep after this

Sleep is one of the crucial factor of one’s health. Many suggest that one must sleep for a certain hour to keep themselves healthy. But what is sleep actually. Sleep is the way to forget ourselves. It is the way to forget our ego. Osho said that sleep is nothing but a small death and death is nothing but a small sleep.  Sleep certainly has a lot of healing powers. Those healing powers comes from within us. Even if one is stressed, with sleep one becomes relaxed.  Osho said that with the activation of sixth chakra which is also known as agya, sleep becomes perfect. One is in the meditative stage in sleep with the activation of the sixth chakra. While one goes beyond the sixth chakra, there is no sleep required as one goes beyond the duality of life. It is interesting that once one goes beyond the duality, one never feels tired and hence no sleep is needed.

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