Vastu tips for kitchen

Kitchen is one of the important space in house. It is the space where our food is prepared. So, we must be careful while building the kitchen. Below are the vastu tips for kitchen.

Vastu tips of kitchen

  1. East or South east direction is ideal for kitchen as it is governed by deity ‘Agni’.
  2. The north west direction can also be taken as alternative of kitchen.
  3. The cylinder and geyser should be in South east direction of the kitchen.
  4. The water sink should be in north east direction with maximum distance from oven.
  5. Kitchen in north direction tends to impact the female members of family.
  6. The water storage should be in north east or north direction of the kitchen.
  7. Large windows should be in eastern side of kitchen and ventilators should be in South direction.
  8. Avoid placing dining table in center of kitchen and place it in north west or west direction of kitchen.
  9. Exhaust fan and dishwasher should be placed in north west direction.
  10. Electric equipments like microwave, oven should be in South direction of the kitchen. Keep your crockery in South west direction.
  11. The gas stove should be in such a way so that the cook should face east while cooking. Green stone slab can be used for cooking.
  12. Ceramic, mosaic, tiles can be used for the flooring of kitchen.
  13. The kitchen must never be below or above bathroom.
  14. The toilet and kitchen should not share a common wall.
  15. Kitchen should not face main entrance of house.
  16. Stove in kitchen should not be visible from outside.
  17. Don’t build kitchen in north or north east direction as it may badly impact career of the person.
  18. Don’t paint black the kitchen walls. Yellow, Rose, orange, red, chocolate color can be used for kitchen walls.

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