Vastu tips of living room

Living room is important as it is important for socializing and also to spend private times with family. It is an important space for relaxation. socialisation etc. Below are the vastu tips of living room.

Vastu of Drawing room/ Living room

  1. Drawing room in north direction bestows the individual with good health, prosperity, wealth and fame. North direction is ideal for living room.
  2. Drawing room in east direction bestows the individual with good health, prosperity, wealth and fame
  3. Drawing room in West direction gives a calming influence and good for scholars.
  4. Drawing room in north east, south or south east direction indicates success but with hard work. Keep the north east direction of living room clutter free. You can also plant some healthy plants in this direction.
  5. Living room in north west direction indicates success in all spheres of life. If one is not a party lover, one can keep the living room in north west direction. As the north west direction is controlled by Air, the guest tends to leave early.
  6. Southwest direction is not ideal for living room. One of the remedy is to make the entrance of the living room in west direction.
  7. Color the walls of living room with either green or white as it helps to maintain togetherness between occupants and guests.
  8. Light curtains in north east corner of living room or beautiful pictures or images of God in north east corner of living room enhances the calmness and harmony in living room. No wildlife photos in living room. On the contrary, heavy curtains can be hanged in south west direction of living room.
  9. Artificial or dried flowers adds negativity to living room. It is inauspicious and brings misfortune. No to cacti and bonsai plants as well.
  10. Place heavy chandlier in south or west direction of room. Donot place it in center (brahmasthan). The same is applicable for heavy furnitures, articles etc.
  11. Furnitures should be rectangular rather than circular or oval.
  12. Guests should occupy the northwest direction of the living room and occupants should occupy the south west direction of the living room.
  13. The TV unit should be in south east corner. one can spend a lot of precious time watching TV if it is on north west corner. Air cooler and air conditioner should be in West, North-West or East and never in South-East. Keep telephone in East, South-East or North, and not in South-West or North-West. 

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