vastu tips of office

Office is the workspace of an individual. It is the space where one spend maximum time related to work. Below are the vastu tips of office

Vastu tips of office

  1. The east facing office is considered the most auspicious. The office space should be rectangular or square.
  2. The north east direction is considered good for drinking water.
  3. The head or owner of business must face north or east while dealing with business
  4. The north or eastern side is suitable for executive and staffs.
  5. The drawers for important financial document should be in South west side of the office so that it faces north east direction.
  6. The tables or desk should be rectangular in shape. The desk should be clutter free.
  7. Broken stationary should be removed to avoid negativity.
  8. The back of the employees should not face the entrance door.
  9. Toilets should be in West side or northwest side of the office.
  10. The pantry should be in South east corner of the office
  11. The reception or temple if any should be in north east side of office.
  12. The waiting room should be in north west or north east side of office.
  13. Colors in the office should be pleasing and bright. Attractive pictures should be hanged.
  14. The staircase must be in South west, south or west direction of the office.
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