Vastu tips of Pooja room

Vastu Shastra is an inquisitive science of architecture that helps of flowing of positive energy. The word “Vastu” means abode and shastra means science. Each planet is astrology has a direction. It is the traditional way of connecting the direction of planets in astrology along with the house. This helps to balance the energy. Nowadays, it is considered as superstition by many as there are different modification done to the subject without knowledge. There can be tons of data and we are not sure about the same. However, correct application enhances the positive vibes in house. Below are the 12 vastu tips of puja room.

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12 vastu tips of puja room

  1. Pooja room should be in north, East or north east direction of house.
  2. One should always face to north or East while worshipping
  3. The feet of the idol should be at the chest level of the worshipper.
  4. Don’t place any storage above the cabinet where the idols are placed.
  5. Don’t make pooja room in bedroom or adjacent walls of toilet.
  6. Don’t enter pooja room without washing hands and legs. Wash the rear side of feet and then the feet with left hand and right hand porting water.
  7. Use copper vessels for collecting water.
  8. Don’t put triangular shaped image or idol in pooja room.
  9. The wall color should be white, lemon or light blue and the marbles used should be white.
  10. The doors and windows of pooja room should be north or East.
  11. The agnikund should be place in south east direction of pooja room
  12. The lamp should be on the right side (pleasse ignore south east as mentioned in below video) of pooja room.
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