Rahu in different houses of navamsa

Rahu is not a physical planet. Rahu is known as dragon’s head or north node of the moon. It is a powerful and malefic planet. Rahu is a shadowy planet which has distinctive impact in human life. Here is the detailed analysis of Rahu in different houses of Navamsa.

Rahu is a mathematical point but they are very real. It is dual in nature. It can make one a thief or can make one a spy or detective. Rahu works mysteriously. It has a retrogade motion. Rahu and ketu is only visible when solar eclipse or lunar eclipse takes place.

Rahu in first/1st house of Navamsa

This is not a good placement for sound married life. The person is delusional about their wants and need or what s/he have in marriage. The position also shows that the person with this placement has high expectation and what they need may not even exist.

The person can have illusion about marriage and partnership. They want best of everything and best of spirituality. At the same time, they can be unaware of spirituality.

But if Jupiter is there, it shows they want to break the boundary and learn. Their identity get lost with Rahu in ascendant. They want reason for marriage and get bored of marriage /partner.

It can give early marriage but problem is they do not know what to do in marriage. At the same time, the native may misdirect someone. One may get all the material things but still there will be emptiness in the end of day.

Divine intervention can always be the supplement to the placement. If rahu and ketu are in first and seventh house in birth chart or navamsa the person can also give rise to kundalini. The good part is the person can definitely become an yogi.

Rahu in second/2nd house of Navamsa:

This position shows separation after marriage from family. One may exaggerate about family which their spouse may not support. At the same time, if the disposition is strong, it can show good wealth after marriage . But at the same time the native can steal others wealth.

Rahu in second house gives better result if the native is away from house and earn money. Money will also somehow come from foreign source. Their eyes may get weak after marriage and the native may wear glasses.

The native may intake alcohol , non veg etc. . The ruling planet of the second house should be seen for food intake.

Politics becomes a part of their life. The direction of dispositor shows how Rahu extract the energy. The native can be the sole earner in family. The relationship with in laws may be nil or very restricted.

The joint asset always comes through native. Rahu in second house shows elder sibling had a positive surprise news for you at wedding.

Rahu in third/3rd house of Navamsa

In third house Rahu will make one to boost about their married life. Third house is the house of communication and Rahu is amplification so if one has average married life , they may make others perceive that s/he has the best married life.

It can also give interest in media in second half of life. One may get interested in creativity like acting, mimicry etc. It also shows interest for foreign land and one may find a place in foreign land. They can be timid or have less courage.

Rahu in fourth/4th house of Navamsa

A person desires a big house. After the second half of life one will have unusual experience in your dwelling which you desire to have. For example alien experiences,communicating with spirits, tantra, sadhana. The native loves to have foreign objects at home like imported furniture.

In fixed sign person may not move in foreign place but there is always a desire to move to foreign land. So in order to fulfill the desire person gets the foreign objects at home.

It also shows the person has to move away from birthplace to earn their living. The person may have a shivling or sthapna in the middle of the home. At age 40 one may get a stray cat coming to you.

It means Rahu is happy with you and it wants to give what one needs.

In female horoscope, she would not enjoy the energy as it is very foreign and a female wants a happy stable life. One will celebrate occasions in a big way like anniversary, birthday. Ketu will be opposite to Rahu.

Hence, shows sudden interest in occult and mysticism. The person pay less attention to health, parents and hygiene. It also shows that the sense of appearance get lost somewhere.

One gets recognized in company or social media when they own a property and vehicle. But the fame may not be the one they want. They will love for exotic and foreign food. Rahu will also put cctv cameras in home .

Rahu in fifth/5th house of Navamsa

Besides the house of creativity, fifth house is also the house of intelligence. So Rahu in 5th house of navamsa will give intelligence to deal with marriage. It can also delay child birth.

One can be romantic as well as ruthless in marriage.As Rahu is a serpent the spouse can have unpredictable nature.

Rahu in sixth/6th house of Navamsa

One is excellent in dealing with obstacles of life and can have mistress in office. They can have huge debts without fear. One can also hunt or save wild animals. At the same time, this position can give huge ambitions.

Rahu in seventh/7th house of Navamsa

There can be a foreign element in marriage. The native can be a cheater or protector depending on the position of Rahu.

Rahu in eighth/8th house of Navamsa

Spouse will be interested in occult, mysticism. There can also be a delay in joint asset. It also shows that the individual may attain a higher status than family lineage and they always look for money that can come quickly.

They can be very secretive about wealth. They can also have a lot of exotic experiences. Their in laws may not have strict religious belief. They may earn through professional network circle. They can also have certain phobias.

Rahu in ninth/9th house of Navamsa

This position of Rahu shows an unconventional marriage and they can also have an unconventional way of approach towards religion and spirituality. They can also travel to a foreign place after marriage.

Rahu in tenth/10th house of Navamsa

The couple can be an outcast in society. This position of Rahu can also earn fame and wealth after marriage. People can also help others with money. They may attract other people in life easily.

They may also excel in career after marriage as well as can be capable of breaking the taboos of society. The person can also marry someone of different religion or culture.

Rahu in this position can bring huge spiritual influence in second half of life. Spouse can follow an unconventional profession and the person can work with foreigners in the organization. The drawback of this position is authorities or bosses can cheat them.

Rahu in eleventh/11th house of Navamsa

Rahu fulfills the hope and desires of marriage. It can also fulfill the materialistic side of life. Their network circle can have many foreign friends. But any malefic aspect on Rahu can give cheating from network circle.

Rahu in twelfth/12th house of Navamsa

It shows extensive travel after marriage with a lot of exotic experiences. The enemies do not last long. They can have enounter with spiritual Gurus who can change their life.

Rahu can give fame in a foreign land. It can also give addiction towards power, drugs, sex. It can give escapism and the way to avoid it is to involve in daily activities like exercise. This position of Rahu can give difficulty in getting divorce.

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