Ashwini nakshatra in vedic astrology

Ashwini nakshatra in vedic astrology

Ashwini nakshatra is the first nakshatra in vedic astrology. The word “ashwa” means horse so the word “ashwini” means a female horse. It is the first nakshatra of Aries and it ranges from 0 degree to 13.20 degrees.

Reason of representing a nakshatra

In ancient astrology many astrologers found group of stars with specific shape. Ashwini nakshatra makes the shape of a horse head so horse head or twin horses represents the nakshatra.

Besides dasha and planetary action, ashwini nakshatra activates at the age of 1st,2nd,3rd,5th,10th, 20th,24th, 28th, 30th and 46th year.

The deity of Ashwini nakshatra is Ashwini kumar, the twin celestial horseman. They are also known as metaphysical healers. The lord of ashwini nakshatra is ketu.

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As per mythology, wife of Sun was Sandhya. But Sandhya was unable to cope up with the heat of the sun. So she created her mirror image named Chhaya. As soon as Sun came to know about it he started looking for Sandhya. In order to escape from Sun, Sandhya took the form of a mare. Seeing that Sun also took the form of a horse and they made love in the form of horse. This gave birth to Aswini kumar who are twin horseman and is the deity of the nakshatra.

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Nakshatra effects

In a horoscope nakshatra of moon, sun or ascendant plays a significant role in developing the personality of an individual but other nakshatra should also be taken into consideration while analyzing the dasha and planetary alignments .

If there are two or more planets in one nakshatra it shows a strong conjunction of those planets and there is a huge accumulation of energy.

Hence the nakshatra will have a major role in the life of the person. There are four pada of each nakshatra and as the energy transits from first pada to the fourth one the energy starts decreasing consequently.

The fourth pada of each nakshatra will also have energy of the first pada of the next nakshatra.

Interpretation of ashwini nakshatra

So based on mythology and sign we can analyse the nakshatra in the following way

  1. Ashwini nakshatra is the beginning, initiation and new starting. Sun is exalted in this nakshatra. Hence they are highly competitive and always want to achieve their goal quickly.
  2. As the sign of the nakshatra is a horse, it indicates that they are active as well as impulsive. The active nature of Aries has its highest manifestation in this nakshatra.
  3. As ketu is illusion, they can have certain illusion regarding the activities associated with the planet placed in Ashwini nakshatra. The illusion part becomes more prominent based on the mythological story where sun had an illusion related to Sandhya and Chaya. But the illusion was temporary though.
  4. If there is a placement of any planet of relationship in Ashwini nakshatra, there can be cheating in relationship.
  5. As sex is an important part of the mythology, such person can be quite sexual.
  6. As ashwini nakshatra is related to healing they can be in field related to ayurveda, or in physical, metaphysical or spiritual healing.
  7. In the field of medicine, they can be good veterinarian and can have special affection for animals.
  8. As ashwini nakshatra is related to ketu, it shows some past life Karmas need to be completed in this life. So such people are always in rush to complete their work in life.
  9. If the placement of sun or moon is in Ashwini nakshatra, the person can be blessed with twins.

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