Detailed analysis of aspects of Jupiter in vedic astrology

Detailed analysis of aspects of Jupiter in vedic astrology

Jupiter is the planet that represent Guru, knowledge, wisdom, law, spirituality, religion, literature, philosophy, elderly people. Jupiter also represents husband in a girl chart. There are three aspects of Jupiter in vedic astrology. Besides seventh aspect, Jupiter also has fifth and ninth aspect. Jupiter on first house aspect fifth, seventh and ninth house. Jupiter in second house aspect sixth, eighth and tenth house. Here is the detailed analysis of aspects of Jupiter in vedic astrology

Analysis of Jupiter aspects in vedic astrology

Fifth aspect of Jupiter :

Fifth house is the house of education, children, teaching, counselling and happiness. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and happiness and it signifies the fifth house. Fifth house is related to teaching, counseling. Hence fifth aspect of Jupiter shows that the person wants to teach, preach, educate the people or activities related to that house.

So if Jupiter is placed in twelfth house, it aspects the 4th house that shows person loves to be a teacher. S/he loves to be a counselor at home.

Seventh aspect of Jupiter:

The seventh aspect of Jupiter in any particular house from its placement shows that the native wants to interact or share his/her knowledge with people related to that particular house . For example: Jupiter aspects on seventh house from first house shows person will be teacher or guide to spouse to other people.

Ninth aspect of Jupiter:

Ninth house is the house of higher education, religion, philosophy, teacher, guru, ancient texts. As per kalpurush kundali, Jupiter is the ruler of ninth house. The ninth aspect of Jupiter shows higher education in activities or subject related to that house.

At the same time, they develop their own philosophy and they can master the activities related to that house. If Jupiter is in eleventh house, the person can be philosophical in married life. They can also develop their own philosophical ways to deal with the spouse.

The aspect of Jupiter in any particular house brings optimism and strength related to the respective house. Jupiter is hopes and desires as well as the expansion of hopes and desires. Hence Jupiter signifies eleventh house of hopes and wishes.

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Strength of Jupiter

Jupiter gains directional strength in 1st house and looses it in 7th house. As per mythology though Jupiter is the karaka of marriage, once wife of Jupiter betrayed him for moon. So this may be one of the reason why Jupiter looses its directional strength in 7th house as 7th house is the house of spouse. Now lets see the strength of Jupiter:

Jupiter in Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) :

They are determined to achieve knowledge and wisdom but it can work as double edge sword as they can be strict in their beliefs towards knowledge.They can also be fundamentalist if they get wrong knowledge.

Jupiter in Cancer:

Exalted. They can get the highest form of knowledge. At the same time, they do not need to apply much effort on gaining knowledge and they get the right gurus in life.

Jupiter in Pisces:

Highly spiritual. Such people gains knowledge only to help others. They don’t have any desire to gain anything for themselves.

Jupiter in Scorpio :

They can have multiple belief system as they may get many gurus with conflicting opinion and beliefs.

Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo

Jupiter gives knowledge but as these signs are ruled by mercury which is an enemy of Jupiter, the person always remains unsatisfied with knowledge. Even if Jupiter gives knowledge they may not use it properly or may misuse it.

Jupiter in Taurus and Libra

As Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and Venus represents wealth such people may gain materialistic knowledge.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Neutral position. Hence, this is a position that has average energy neither too easy or hard.

Jupiter in Capricorn

The person can have wrong moral and can have hard time finding right guru. Guru may come at late 30s but still person may not follow the advice of the guru.
The maturity age of Jupiter is 24 years so Jupiter gives much better result after 24 years of age. On the contrary, a retrograde or combust Jupiter gains strength after 30 years of age.

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