Black Magic and White Magic

Every object around us is a form of energy. We can consider each object as a criss- cross form of energy. Science says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy remains constant and every energy has a certain frequency as well as intensity. Intensity is a major factor that influences the result of the energy. Every action we do and every thought we think has a certain form of energy and the result of the action or thought depends on the intensity of energy exerted.

Difference between black and white magic

Black magic is the accumulated negative thought energy. The more the intensity of black magic, maximum will be the result. White magic is the accumulated positive thought energy. Both black and white magic is generally used for attracting desired person, changing mind of other person, get rid of obstacles etc. White magic is usually done in a peaceful atmosphere with flower, fragrance etc while black magic accompanies wine, skull etc. While in west, angels as well as demons are widely used in black and white magic, in east, bhutinis, yakshini etc are widely used, Bhutinis, yakshini are magical beings and are not spirit. They are invoked in black as well as white magic to aquire the desired result. They listen to the practitioner and work accordingly.

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However, we cannot differentiate between white and black magic by only considering the offerings. It is not necessary that every magic performed in white magic are only for positive purposes. Hence, intention of the practitioner carries a lot of significance in white and black magic. If the practitioner has a negative thought energy while conducting white magic, it will still be considered as black magic. The white magic should not be done for selfish purpose but only for the welfare of the society.

In Hindu mythology, there are many gods and goddess with animal like head. They are widely used to counter attack the black magic. It is believed that these gods and goddess have a tendency to hunt like animal behind negative energy unless they are completely gone.

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