Dasamsa or D10 chart in astrology

Dasamsa Chart

Dasamsa or D10 chart is the chart of career or profession in vedic astrology. It is the detailed analysis of tenth house. Dasamsa or D10 chart is one of the important divisional chart. The chart shows the person karma or career or professional life. The following are the important points that needs to be analysed while analysing dasamsa chart. The guidelines are based on the quality of strength arranged in a sequenced manner :

The lagna or lagna lord of D10 chart:

It is found that planets in D10 lagna carries significance importance in deciding the destiny of profession. It can bring remarkable heights in career of an individual if the planets in lagna are in good placement in birth chart, navamsa and dashamsa. Their career also take a new height in good yogas. Two well placed planets in Dasamsa lagna and their period/sub period can bring achievements in career.

10th house of D10 chart:

It is also seen that two planets in 10th house of D10 can give similar result. But the result will always depend on similarity with birth chart, navamsa and dasamsa.

Parivartan yoga in Dasamsa or D10 chart:

Parivartan yoga or exchanging of signs in kendra or trikona house of two planets in D10 chart carries significant importance if the person runs through dasha/ antardasha of both planets.

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Planets conjunct in Dasamsa or D10:

Two or more planets in their period or sub period when conjunct in any houses of dasamsa brings remarkable changes in career depending on the sign and position of the planets.

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Mutual aspect in Dasamsa or D10:

Planets in mutual aspect becomes the strongest factor after the four factors mentioned above. If the person runs through dasha of well placed planets mutually aspecting each other in one seven axis, the person can see major changes in career.

Other types of aspects and conjunctions in Dasamsa or D10:

In dasamsa we also need to consider the specific aspects of each planets. Such planets can also bring significant changes in career. For eg if rahu has 5th aspect on Mars you can notice major career changes in rahu Mars dasha.

Strong unconnected benefic well placed planet in Dasamsa can also bring good achievements in career

Planets which are 10th from dasa lagna

Subhakartari yoga in Dasamsa or D10:

Planets hemmed by benefic in dasamsa can give good result.

Termination in Dasamsa or D10:

Planets in 6th, 8th, 12th or 3rd house in D10 can bring termination or loss in career. Though it may not necessarily be true. It always depends on the mahadasha and placement of those planets in birth chart etc.

In the chart, the person can get good achievement in career during Sun, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury mahadasha. Saturn is well placed in 10th house with exalted Mars and moon while exalted Jupiter aspects it shows the native can reach new heights in career. But before analysing the dasamsa it must be checked if the same is applicable in birth chart and navamsa. A well placed Rahu in 11th house shows huge fame, success and gains from career.

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