Debilitated planets are boon or curse

Debilitated planet- Boon or curse
Example 1: As Saturn is debilitated and vargottama the person during Rahu-Saturn period reached new heights of success, she met her life partner as Saturn is the lord of 7th house and 7th from dasha lord (Rahu) but as Saturn is debilitated, she was physically abused by her husband that lead to divorce in later part of life.

Debilitated Planet

A debilitated planet is a planet of low strength that may not give its result in healthy way. Here we will discuss if Debilitated planets are boon or curse. There are several theories of cancellation of debilitation but as we know everything is addition in astrology and nothing gets cancelled completely. Cancellation of debilitation may help a person in professional life but not in personal life. At the same time, debilitation impacts a person in personal life. It seems that whenever a person goes through the time period of debilitated planet, the situation it provides are contradictory. It is also found that the debilitated planets giving very good result suddenly changes its nature and give troubles and problems in life. There are various concept of cancellation of debilitation like neechbhang rajyoga, parivartan yoga. Those yogas give excellent result in professional life but fails to give result in personal life.

Points to remember

As debilitated planet has both positive and negative side we will consider below points for debilitation:

If a planet is debilitated but in vargottama position, the planet gains strength through vargottama position and gives result of yogas in which it is configured. But being vargottama never means that the additional unfavorable result of debilitated planet can be overcome. It will give problems in its major dasha or antardasha at some point especially on jeevakaraka or personal life.

A debilitated planet associated with neech bhang yoga or parivartan yoga or with exalted planet becomes extremely powerful. It gives favorable result in professional life but personal life still suffers.

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