Exalted , moolatrikona and debilitated Planets

Exalted , moolatrikona and debilitated Planets

As we go through the planets in astrology we see that every planet has their own characteristics and every planets perform in unique ways in all the twelve houses. The result varies from one house to the other. Here is the detailed analysis of exalted, moolatrikona and debilitated planet

Why it happens?

Because the qualities of the performance of planet depends on the sign. Mars is a planet which represents soldier, will power and action . Now if we place Mars in an emotional sign like cancer the energy of Mars will go haywire because now Mars is in the sign of emotion and don’t know how to take action. It is just asking a person who is giggling or overwhelmed to stand with a sword. Surely he will loose it unless he understands and controls himself. So that’s why the theory of exaltation and debilitation. Today I am going to discuss exalted, moolatrikona and debilitated planet in astrology and why they are exalted and debilitated at certain sign. At the same time I will also add the moolatrikona and own sign of the planet. So the difference between these four conditions are.

What is moolatrikona sign?

Moolatrikona sign is one of the important concept in vedic astrology. A planet in its moolatrikona sign is very comfortable as it is the original house of the planet.

“Moola” means roots and “trikona” signifies the triangle house that is the fifth and ninth house. It means the root of the planet is in its moola trikona sign and from the moolatrikona sign of any planet , the fifth and ninth house has same element as the element of moolatrikona sign.

For eg: Moolatrikona sign of mars is aries, its fifth and ninth house is leo and saggitarius that also has the fire element.

What is exalted planet?

An exalted planet is a planet that can contribute extremely positive result to the native. An exalted planet is happy and powerful. It is not dependent on other planet to give its result. It is one of the strongest point of the planet. In case of benefic, it can give a positive impact in human life.

The karakatwas of a planet would not change for exaltation so for malefic it would give good result but at the same time bad result also cannot be denied though it would be less as the planet is in good position. In case of malefic ,for example planets like Saturn there may be 5 percent improvement.

What is debilitated planet?

It is very opposite to exalted planet. The planet is uncomfortable and it is the weakest point of the planet. The planet needs to depend on other planet to give result. It does not mean the planet is dead it means it is weak and in case of malefic it can have a negative impact in human life.

In which sign planet is most powerful?

A planet in moolatrikona sign are more powerful than own sign. So best result is expected during the dasha of the planet. Next is the own sign where planet can give better result. It is just below the result of moolatrikona sign. So for example mars is exalted in aries at 10 degree where you can expect better result and the remaining 20 degree Mars is in moolatrikona sign in Aries where you can expect best result.

A planet is most powerful in moolatrikona sign than own sign and lastly in exalted sign. Own sign is like a vacation home for the planet but its permanent residence is the moolatrikona sign. So in vacation home of a planet which is its own sign it gives good result. So in short a planet in moolatrikona sign gives best result and in own sign it gives better result and in exalted sign it gives good result during the dasha of the planet. A debilitated planet is weak and gives poor results. Let’s start with planets through houses and their exaltation, debilitition, moolatrikona and own sign.

Why exaltation and debilitation in particular signs


Sun is exalted in 10 degree in Aries. Though 10 degree is highest exaltation point of sun sun can give apt result of exaltation from 8 to 12 degrees. Now why sun is exalted in aries? Because sun is ego, self esteem and first house represents self. Our ego and confidence satisfies us. And if we look at the sign and planet, sun and aries both are fiery elements so Sun is in its own environment. So Sun is exalted in aries.

Sun is debilitated in Libra at 10 degree . Libra is air element and sun is fire so if you put fire in air fire may spread anywhere. So the energy is uncontrollable. Also Libra is the sign of relationship and dealing with other people. And to maintain relationships sometimes you need to sacrifice your ego. Sun is king it always holds ego and tries to dominate others that can hamper a relationship. The moolatrikona sign and own sign of sun is Leo.


Moon is our mind. Mind always wants comfort family and happiness. Taurus is the house of wealth and family so moon is exalted at 3 degree in taurus. As per sign taurus is an earth sign, it is fixed and moon represents water so when water flows over earth, it makes the earth fertile.

Moon is debilitated in Scorpio at 3 degree as Scorpio is all about sudden events, accident and shocking matters. Eighth house is also a dustana house so moon is debilitated in Scorpio. As per sign Scorpio sign is fixed but it has that mud water element and moon also represents water so too much water can result in flood. So it shows uncontrollable energy. The moolatrikona and own sign of moon is cancer.


Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Capricorn is law and order. So Mars being a soldier is quite happy to perform action on law and order. So if we look sign wise Mars is full of energy and fire. Now Capricorn is a fixed sign with earth element. Now the fire can be burned on earth to get steam or for useful purpose. So Mars is exalted in Capricorn at 28 degree.

Mars debilitated in cancer again at 28 degree. Cancer is a very emotional sign. Emotions of a person is boundless and  so Mars is confused about how to act on particular situation. Now as per sign Mars is fire and cancer has water element. Now what will happen if you dip a fireball in water. The fire extinguish which means energy gets dissipated. The moolatrikona sign of Mars is aries. The own sign of mars is scorpio.


Jupiter is guru or teacher and the first person in your life who is your teacher is mother. Mother is the most important person and teacher in someone life. So Jupiter is exalted at 5 degree in cancer. As per sign cancer is a cardinal sign with water element and Jupiter is a planet of wisdom knowledge and spirituality. So to know deep and limitless about wisdom and spirituality, Jupiter can go deep down water to find the wisdom of life.

Jupiter is a guru and does not like to follow law and order as Jupiter job is to teach without limitations. So Jupiter is debilitated at 5 degree in Capricorn. As Capricorn is cardinal sign with earth element, it restricts Jupiter flow of knowledge. The moolatrikona sign of Jupiter is Sagittarius and own sign is Pisces.


Venus is love, joy happiness. Our love should be without boundary and we should stay happy for no reason. Pisces is sign of spirituality and no boundaries. So Venus is exalted in Pisces at 27 degrees. Pisces is a dual sign with water element filled with fantasy, dream so the water element in Venus is free flowing in Pisces dual sign.

Venus is debilitated in Virgo at 27 degree. Venus is all about joy, comfort, happiness whereas Virgo is all about facing critical things, enemies and obstacle. Virgo is earth element and the earth element limits the pleasure of our senses.


Mercury is our intelligence, logical analysis and all about detail analysis. So mercury is exalted in Virgo at 15 degree as virgo is all about detailed analysis to find the root cause of problem. As per sign virgo is a sign of duality though it has earth element, mercury too has earth element and mercury is ether in nature too because of its subtle nature.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces at 15 degree. Pisces is all about imagination, spirituality so mercury in Pisces cannot apply its logical thoughts. As per sign Pisces is watery sign and mercury with energy of logical thinking and intelligence dissolve in water that dilutes the analytical intelligence of a person. The moolatrikona sign is virgo and own sign is gemini.


Saturn is judge so in a relationship Saturn can determine the right and wrong. The planet has nothing to do with self, it is always about serving others. In relationship sometimes we need to serve others without expecting anything so Saturn is exalted in Libra at 20 degree. Saturn is air element and libra is a cardinal sign with air element so the excessive air helps Saturn to manifest highest qualities.

Aries is all about self. So Saturn debilitated in Aries at 20 degrees. So if we look by sign aries is a fire sign and saturn is air element. When fire and air combines it leads to uncontrollable energy. The moolatrikona sign of Saturn is Aquarius and the co ruler of the sign is Rahu. The own sign is Capricorn.

Rahu and ketu exaltation and debilitation is still a point of debate. For many astrologer rahu is exalted in Gemini and ketu in Sagittarius where for some rahu is exalted in Taurus and ketu in Scorpio.

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