Moon in Aquarius in different houses

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Aquarius is an airy sign ruled by Saturn and Rahu. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign of gains, desires, hopes and wishes, large organization, network circles, scientific thinking, research, uplifting the society. The zodiac sign of Aquarius comprises of two and half nakshatra- dhanistha, satabhista and purva bhadrapada. Here is the detailed analysis of Moon in Aquarius in different houses in vedic astrology

Moon in Aquarius in different houses

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Moon in Aquarius:

Moon is in the sign of scientific thinking and working for higher cause or serving humanity. So these people always loves to work for higher cause or love to serve humanity. They are unconventional and want to create their own path rather than following others path. They love to gather crowd and they love to bring about message of future. Their mental projection in the world is far beyond the time period that everyone else lives in. They are esoteric and their sense of spirituality comes when they can prove a point to others and themselves regarding spirituality.

They always believes in scientific and logical explanation and take interest in new age technology and love to have many gadgets. At the same time, they can also be entrepreneurs and loves to socialize others. They can also be working in scientific, technical and social service field. Mother can be a lady with entrepreneurship skills. They can be eccentric by nature. They do not like following laws and regulation of society. But if Saturn or Rahu aspect moon, moon will be inclined to planet aspecting moon. Moon in Aquarius can give suicidal tendencies. Seventh from moon is the sign of Leo that shows through their spouse they are able to connect with the network circle.

In dhanistha nakshatra, position of mars is impacted by moon, in Satabhistha nakshatra, Rahu will impact position of moon, In purva bhadrapada nakshatra, Jupiter will impact position of moon.

Let’s study Moon in Aquarius in all houses:

As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, the position improves with time.

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Moon in Aquarius in first / 1st house

They take care of under privileged people and work for humanity. At the same time, they have scientific and innovative ways of serving people. But they may get less nourishment from mother.

Moon in Aquarius in second / 2nd house

They know to increase wealth and family condition in an innovative way.

Moon in Aquarius in third / 3rd house

The person can be in healing people during emergency. They can also be caring nurse.

Moon in Aquarius in fourth / 4th house

The native and mother have a very scientific mindset. Peace of mind is at home and with mother.

Moon in Aquarius in fifth / 5th house

They always find emotional attachment with children and they can be very good teachers. They can also be good at teaching technology and science related subject.

Moon in Aquarius in sixth / 6th house

They can be emotionally attached with under privileged and pets. They can be in healing services.

Moon in Aquarius in seventh / 7th house

The person can have a restricted and stressful relationship with spouse. The person can also get connected with spouse or other people on basis if similar scientific thinking.

Moon in Aquarius in eighth / 8th house

The person can get involved in a lot of research related work. The life of the person can go through traumatic transformative events and the mind can always remains worried..

Moon in Aquarius in ninth / 9th house

The person has a highly scientific mind. They need scientific proof to believe on any religion.

Moon in Aquarius in tenth / 10th house

The person can work in large organization for social cause in government sector. Mother can work as an authority. Communication can also be highly emotional.

Moon in Aquarius in eleventh / 11th house

They can have a karmic connection with mother. They work for higher cause and willing to serve people with inventive and innovative ideas.

Moon in Aquarius in twelfth / 12th house

They have a very scientific mind. They are highly imaginative and creative people.

Any aspects, conjunctions can alter the result.

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