Transit of Mars in vedic astrology

Mars represents will power, courage, siblings, brothers, wounds, sharp weapons, engineers. It also represents blood, muscles can have blood circulation or muscle problem. In this article we will understand transit of mars in vedic astrology through houses and over planet:

Mars transit through ascendant or first house

When mars transit through ascendant, it gives a certain will power to the native. Even a debilitated mars while transiting in ascendant gives immense will power, confidence and courage. It also show one can incur wounds or injuries during that tenure.

Mars transit through second house

Mars transiting over second house shows fighting for values and family. It will energize the circulation of money but at the same time there can be more expenses. Speech can be aggressive during that time.

Moreover, aspect of mars in 5th house from 2nd house shows strong romantic or passionate relationship. Placement of Venus in fifth house strengthens the prediction. 4th aspect also shows protectiveness and domination.

Mars transit through third house

Mars transiting through 3rd house shows one will find courage to do things. They can grab and collect information. They will do a lot of technical work and at the same time they can also engage with male cousins, brothers.

Mars transit through fourth house

Mars transiting through 4th house shows they will try to discipline the things in house or they can run into arguments. It can also give acquisition of lands or it can make one more patriotic about homeland. They can get indulge in relationship or can also focus on health.

Mars transit through fifth house

Mars transiting through 5th house shows lot of fun, physical activities and birth of child may take place if Jupiter, saturn also aspects 5th house. It can also make one take risk in gambling or stock market. Students can be more competitive in studies and can encourage children.

Mars transit through sixth house

Mars transiting in 6th house shows clearing of debts. The native can also face and fight against enemies. The person can be competitive while attaining job, or Mars can also give good result of competitive exams.

They can be interested in attaining pets, if mars is not in good dignity the native can also get in car accident.

Mars transit through seventh house

Mars transiting in 7th house shows romantic relationship or the native can encounter a lot of people in life. It can bring power struggle in marriage. Mars can also be protection for spouse.

It can give chances of promotion to higher management if Jupiter, Saturn aspects 7th house and mars transit 7th house.

Mars transit through eighth house

Mars gives inner strength and shows sexual relationship. While transit in 8th house also shows assets and gains in relationship. It gives courage to fight or may give sudden surgery, sudden movement from one place to another.

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Mars transit through ninth house

Mars transiting in 9th house shows power struggle with father, teacher. The native can challenge authoritative figures. Mars can make one disciplined in religion and spiritual practices. They can also fight for higher case.

Mars transit through tenth house

Mars transiting in 10th house shows high will power or courage. The reputation will be hard core and courageous.

Mars transit through eleventh house

Mars transiting in 11th house energize the house of gains. They may have encounter with elder siblings.

Mars can also give achievement and recognition due to courage and ability to face challenges. It can give power struggles with network circle or elder sibling.

Mars transit through twelfth house

Mars transiting in 12th house shows foreign travel. or they can join yoga. When transit over Venus shows hidden bed pleasure.

Mars aspect 4th , 7th and 8th from itself. Aspect of mars will also trigger the houses it aspects. It will also bring qualities of the house it rules in horoscope.

Mars transits over planets

When Mars transits over planets, it plays a major role as it energize or activates the planet. Here are the below details:

Mars transits over sun

Mars transiting over sun shows the native can take pride on their personality or the native can suffer from too much ego. They can suddenly gets boost in life.

Mars transit over moon

Moon represents home, comfort. They can be very stubborn. It can give cut, burnt and bruises. However, they can be very physically active or they can have a lot of thought processes. They can also fix something at home or can involve in work at home.

Mars transit over mercury

They can have aggressive speech and communication. In professional field, they can be aggressive. They can get into arguments with siblings or friends.

They can manage their communication very well if mars is exalted but they can have authoritative tone.

Mars transit over Venus

The native can get into relationship and can also get creative ideas. As Venus also represents vehicles, mars in bad dignity can also give accidents.

Mars transit over mars

They are ready for actions and can fight for ideology, moral cause.

Mars over Jupiter

They can get into arguments with guru, teacher, father if mars is not in good dignity. It can give entrepreneur energy.

Mars over Saturn:

They want to organize life- personal and professional. It can also show wars, arguments, old people. They can even injure legs or feet. Machines may create problem.

Mars over Rahu

Emotions, passions gets activated during that phase. Mars transiting over rahu activates Rahu.

Mars transit over ketu

They get disciplined with spiritual life. The cons is the native can take irrational actions.

Mars as Functional benefic and functional malefic

Mars can bring challenges to houses it transits if mars is a functional malefic. For example: Mars can bring challenges in work if mars transits over 10th house

Mars ruling 8th house can bring transformation through the houses it transits.

Mars ruling trikona houses can bring victory through the houses it transits. It can bring luck and ability to conquer challenges.

When mars rules kendra houses, the native remains grounded and solid. It can give strong foundation through each house it transits

Mars ruling 2nd and 11th house shows sudden expenses or investment of money.

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