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Travelling is enchanting so most of us wants to travel. And I personally feel that every one should try to travel as it changes ones perception towards life. It gives them good memories and feelings. It enhances creativity because while we travel we activate certain houses in astrology which I will discuss later. While I analyse charts there were clients who come for consulting if they have career in traveling or if they can travel while per career . Either they want to travel abroad or settle abroad. So through vedic astrology we can analyse the time of travel, foreign travel and foreign settlement of an individual.

Now here I will discuss three things
1) Career in travelling
2) Foreign travel
3) Foreign settlement
3) Skills developed during travelling

Career in travelling in vedic astrology

Career in travelling involves many profession. You can be an engineer or an architect or a travel blogger and travelling will become a part of your daily job. You can travel a lot. Marketing and sales will also involve travelling. So travelling can be related to any profession. For analyzing a career in travelling or to be a traveller you need to analyse the following in vedic astrology:

  1. Important houses
  2. Signs mainly responsible
  3. important planets
  4. important nakshatras
  5. Mahadasha
  6. Atmakaraka or amatyakaraka
  7. Various other combinations or yogas

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Important houses for travelling in vedic astrology:

To analyse if you will travel you need to check following important houses:

  • 1st house: 1st house is your self and personality. It shows the life path of an individual. The placement of lord of first house gives an indication of the life path of an individual.
  • 3rd house: I still remember my friend used to travel a lot while her 3rd house got activated. 3rd house is the house of short distance travel or places away from homeland as it is 12th from 4th house of home. So activation of any planet of third house can make one travel. Moon in third house shows a lot of travelling.
  • 7th house: 7th house is the reflection of yourself and it is the house to decide if you will travel. 7th house represents places away from birth place.
  • 9th house: It is the house of long distance travel.
  • 11th house: 11th house is 8th from 4th house of homeland. It shows leaving home and going to foreign land.
  • 12th house: 12th house is the house of foreign land and it shows landing in a completely new place which you have never seen.
  • 10th house: 10th house is the house of career and it can make one travel for work.
travelling in vedic astrology
Travelling in vedic astrology

Important signs for travelling

Below are the important signs that can give long distance travel:

  • Gemini: It is the sign of travelling and communication
  • Leo: This sign has the energy of 5th house which is 9th from 9th house of long distance travel and 3rd from 3rd house of short distance travel.
  • Sagittarius: This is 9th house of long distance travel
  • Pisces: This sign always has the energy of 12th house so it also shows foreign settlement. It also represents spiritual travel and pilgrimages.

Important planets for travelling

Below are the important planets that can give long distance travel are:

  • Mercury: Mercury is karaka of travelling so it can definitely give some travel.
  • Rahu: Rahu is a foreign planet that represents foreign land and foreign things. Rahu in 12th house shows execution of pending karmas away from birthplace.
  • Sun: Sun illuminates everything. It shows career and fame of a person. When Sun associates with Rahu or mercury it shows long distance travel for work.

Important nakshatras for travelling

All the nakshatras related to mercury and rahu plays an important role in travelling.

Mahadasha for travelling in vedic astrology

Mahadasha and antardasha plays a great role in deciding if the person would travel. If the person goes through mahadasha of Rahu, mercury, Sun than the person may travel. For example : Rahu in 2nd house can give long distance travel during its mahadasha as 2nd house Rahu shows staying away from family. If Rahu is controlled by nakshatra of mercury and aspecting mercury than long distance travel is possible depending on the placement of mercury. Now if mercury as atmakaraka or amatyakarka is placed in 10th house of career than person may travel to foreign land for job purpose. This is a generalized prediction. Entire analysis depends on other factors too.

Atmakaraka and amatyakaraka

If mercury is atmakaraka or amatyakarka and lord of 1st, 7th or 10th house or mercury is in 1st, 7th or 10th house than things may be more clear.

Other combinations:

There are other combinations too like Rajayoga formation can give good gains from travel. For example: A person may travel due to career, if 7th lord and 9th lord are well placed in 10th house that forms a rajyoga.

Planet through houses in vedic astrology

Foreign travel in vedic astrology

In astrology , if you are travelling more than 2000 miles away from birthplace, it is a foreign land or foreign travel. While many of my clients want to stay in a foreign land , there are several factors and analysis that controls the destiny . Free will works but destiny cannot be ignored. So lets start with the planets and houses responsible for foreign travel. Moon in 12th house in watery sign or in 3rd house in watery sign shows the person has foreign connection, Travelling for career purpose may take place if moon is connected with 10th lord.

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Position of ascendant for foreign travel

First we need to check the placement of ascendant lord. The more further the ascendant lord from 7th house (including the 7th house), more chances for foreign travel. Ascendant lord in 12th house shows foreign settlement and person gets all success in foreign land.

For example: if moon is your ascendant lord (cancer ascendant) and is in 9th or 12th house of long distance travel it shows settlement in foreign land. If sun is your ascendant lord (Leo ascendant) and is in 7th house shows home away from home as 7th house is 4th from 4th house.

Ketu in 2nd/4th house

Ketu is the planet of isolation or separation. Placement of ketu in 2nd or 4th house shows away from family or birthplace.

Saturn or Rahu in 2nd /4th house

Placement of saturn or rahu in second or fourth house can also give foreign settlement as those planets separate one from family.

Ascendant lord in ninth house

Ascendant or first house is your self . 9th house is house of long distance travel. Ascendant lord in 9th house shows long distance travel through out life.

Second house lord in ninth house

Second house is family lineage and 9th house is long distance travel . 9th house is the house of people of different culture and language. Lord of second house in ninth house shows person may leave his/her family lineage. They may travel to foreign places to live.

Second house lord in twelfth house:

Second house is the house of family and lineage while 12th house shows foreign land. Placement of second lord in 12th house shows person may leave his/her family lineage and go to foreign land.

Foreign settlement in vedic astrology

Again for foreign settlement we need to check the placement of 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 12th house. The 2nd and 12th house has more significance. The more further the ascendant lord the more chances. 1st lord in 9th house gives long journey. But ascendant lord in 12th house shows strong indication of foreign settlement.

If lord of 2nd house in 9th or 12th and if 2nd lord is debilitate and weak than it shows chances to travel abroad. If there is a connection of 12th and 4th house and if 2nd house lord, 4th house lord is weak or debilitated than it can take one away from home. Malefic (saturn, rahu. ketu, mars) in 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 12th house shows foreign travel. Planets with three or more planets in one house and in three different nakshatras shows person can go to foreign land. In kemdrum dosh when there are no planet in either side of moon than the person remain confused and may go to foreign land.

Travelling in developing skills in vedic astrology

Travelling activates third, ninth and twelfth house and those houses are related to skills and crafts. Now as I said before travelling has many benefits, you can find the reasons below through following analysis

Activation of third house:

Travel activates skills and counselling. Travelling enhances ability to counsel and dictate.

Activation of ninth house:

Travel changes perspective of life. Because with travelling you activate the ninth house that make your more philosophical. You can even publish your book after travelling as travelling activates the ninth house of publishing while 3rd house is gathering information.

Activation of fifth house:

Travelling activates the fifth house of arts, crafts, creativity, skills as it is 9th from 9th house of travelling.

Activation of twelfth house:

Travelling long distance and overseas is 12th house. We experience great or bad sleep while travelling depending on the planet in 12th house. When Seventh lord of relationship or marriage is in 12th house you activate seventh house when you travel. So 12th house is also bed pleasure so if you have any good planet in 12th house you are likely to get more bed pleasure while travelling. Twelfth house is also your subconscious mind so travelling my activate your subconscious mind or imagination.

For example if Mercury is in 12th house and it is debilitated. Mercury will enhance imagination capability so it may create powerful imagination while travelling which may urge you to write or read something. Mercury in 12th house creates good writer. When Jupiter is in 12th house it may urge you for spiritual or philosophical view while travelling or you may get spiritual gurus in foreign land. So this is how planet gets activated in twelfth house while travelling. So when ninth lord is in 12th house you activate both the houses while travelling. The ninth house and third house are also house of travelling. The third house is for short distance travel and ninth house is for long distance travel and twelfth house is for foreign land.

Activation of moon: Moon is our mind. Travelling activates moon and make one feel comfortable and relaxed.

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