Venus and marital bliss

The position of Venus plays a significant role in marriage as Venus is the significator of marriage. To analyse what you can expect after marriage, you have to see the position of Planet ahead of Venus in birth chart. The second house from Venus or planet(higher degree than Venus) ahead of Venus in same sign plays a significant role to analyse the life of the individual after marriage. Let’s discuss how each planet ahead of Venus will impact the married life of individual.

Planet next to Venus in birth chart

If Jupiter is ahead of Venus, one will gain luck and prosperity after marriage.

If Rahu is ahead of Venus one will gain materialistic things after marriage. One can also go to foreign land after marriage. Rahu ahead of Venus shows either husband or wife will worship Goddess Durga after marriage. If some cat comes to you after marriage, then adopt and feed the cat.

If Mercury is ahead of Venus, one attains land. As mercury is exalted in earth sign, Virgo, hence it indicates land. The individual gets opportunity for business. They can suddenly extend their education like pursuing PhD, higher education etc after marriage. After marriage, they can also have cabinet or library at home.

If Mars is ahead of Venus, shows that wife and husband will always support each other. As Mars is karaka of land shows that one will attain land after marriage.

If Saturn is ahead of Venus, one will become extreme miser after marriage. They will build wealth and at the same time, one will become extremely hardworking. They can work for long hours after marriage. Married life can be dry as marriage will be all about responsibility, duty and sacrifice. The remedy for Saturn is one can adopt a dog as pet after marriage.

If moon is ahead of Venus, one can travel a lot after marriage. They can spend money on luxury and fine dining. At the same time, they can also travel to many places across world.

If Ketu is ahead of Venus, one must keep multiple bank accounts for wealth creation. As remedy, one can also adopt a dog after marriage.

If sun is ahead of Venus, one will gain prestige and honor after marriage. Sun can also bring recognition. But the malefic impact of Sun can make one extremely dominating. One can wear 22 carat gold as remedy for Sun.

Now the sign next to Venus also becomes active. If the sign next to Venus is Sagittarius, it shows fulfillment of desire. If sign next to Venus is Aries shows lot of physical activity, Taurus shows gain of wealth. Likewise, if Gemini is next sign to Venus shows interest in media, communication after marriage, cancer sign next of Venus shows gain from mother or home. Likewise all the characters of sign next to Venus becomes activated.

Sign or planet which is 8th from Venus in birth chart

It shows thar Venus has the ability to revive that sign. For example, Amitabh Bachchan has Venus in eighth house. Third house is eighth from Venus and it is the house of media, communication etc. Shows that he revived his acting career and media after a certain point of time. At one point of his life, he banned media and then allowed media for taking interview from early 90s.


What can be the most unconventional marriage?

When Venus is with Uranus, one can have most unconventional marriage and ceremony. There can also be unconventional ways of gaining money.

How far is your spouse from you?

If your seventh lord is very near to the ascendant lord of D9 chart or in conjunction with ascendant lord of D9 chart then the spouse is near to your house.

How your spouse will look?

If fourth sign from Moon has connection with Jupiter or Venus, then the spouse of the individual becomes very beautiful or handsome.

When you will get married?

If Mercury is placed in centre house which is 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house of the individual and one is running through Jupiter or Venus mahadasha, the person generally gets married on time.

Remedy for weak Venus

You can chant Om dram drim droum swaha shukraya namah 20000 times for 40 days.

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