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I am Ambalika B, an astrology consultant. I have been practicing astrology consultation since 2016. You may contact me regarding your horoscope and get my analysis. You can reach me on any of the below mediums:


Phone or whatsApp: 9880955561



Do you believe in astrology?

Yes I do believe in astrology and I know that it always works.

Is the horoscope software generated or manual?

It depends on preference. If someone wants software generated, I can give software generated and if someone wants manual, I can give manual horoscope. Please note that the manual horoscope can be different from software charts. if one have strong faith in software generated chart, please inform me before the consultation.

Which practice you follow in astrology?

I follow only vedic astrology that includes Brighu samhita, jaimini and parashar astrology.

Do you provide remedies in astrology?

Yes I do provide remedies but I make sure that a person need not spend much on remedies. I believe every person has positive and negative traits. Spirituality is important. But first the native (Person) needs to change himself and convert his negative sides to positive. Situations automatically gets better when the native (Person) does so. This is the priority of my reading. I believe in karma and paying your karma is not an easy task. The native needs to take the challenge to achieve something in life. For example: If you chant mantra and do not pay your bills, it is never going to help you.

Do you believe in spirituality?

Yes I believe in it strongly and I feel everything is impossible without spirituality. I give mantras and remedies that can give mental and physical strength to the native.

What is the purpose of your reading?

My purpose of reading the chart is to let know the native of his strength and weakness. I want to let the native know his strength and how he can utilize it and how to take care of his/her weakness. I would always recommend the native to believe in spirituality and with the help of spirituality s/he can convert the negative to positive.

Do you provide gemstones?

No I don’t believe in gemstone as there is no guarantee the stones are energized. Secondly gemstone has no ability to change a situation, it is just a business. Thirdly if gemstone would have been so useful everyone would wear one and become happy.

Do you have any degree/ certificate in astrology?

No, It was more of self learning and I believe in experience and it is one of the pre-requisite in astrology.

Thank you

Ambalika B

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