Jupiter saturn conjunction/ saturn jupiter conjunction in all houses

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom whereas Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restrictions. Jupiter is all about expansion and Saturn is all about contraction. So people with this conjunction always switch in the dilemma of expansion and contraction which means sometimes they are very optimistic and sometimes they are very pessimistic. But anyhow native achieves the goal.

At the same time Jupiter and Saturn both are the planets of law and justice so such people are matured, they can make wise decisions. The native can choose between right or wrong and can make right decisions most of the time. The native has a very good sense of judgement The conjunction is common among judges and people in biomedical fields. Now as we always know that planet holding the lowest degree has the biggest say.

If Jupiter holds the lowest degree, the person becomes very hardworking, disciplined and the native knows that to achieve something he needs to work really hard. So he works hard and achieve the result but when Saturn holds the lowest degree, the native becomes very optimistic but is pulled down to be grounded. So it hurts the Optimism of the native. Now lets see planet through houses and how the conjunction works in all the house.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction in first house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 1st house : wise, hardworking, good personality, learned and educated

Jupiter saturn conjunction in second house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 2nd house : effort to gain wealth, accumulation of wealth at later stage, blessed family.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in third house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 3rd house : good but restricted relationship with siblings, gain in speculative business.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in fourth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 4th house : mother plays vital role for native education, career, effort in education, good education background.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in fifth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 5th house : good gain from stock market, effort to gain in speculative business, delay in children

Jupiter saturn conjunction in sixth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 6th house : gain from competition, effort to win competition, good in service industry, ambitious and structured. Can win over enemies.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in seventh house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 7th house : blessed marriage , delay in marriage, good for business, fame in business

Jupiter saturn conjunction in eighth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 8th house : long life for the native, gain from inheritance, distant relationship with inlaws, can serve other, can be in wealth related business, dominating inlaws, prevents from frequent accidents and sudden events.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in ninth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 9th house : strong religious beliefs, religiously inclined, interested in philosophy, teachers and father plays a vital role.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in tenth house/ Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 10th house : can be lawyer, judge,can be in  biomedical field. The native is hardworking, very much focused on career and success, the native can gain authority and good reputation in career. If either Jupiter or Saturn is the lord of ascendant or tenth house, the native tendency of career towards law becomes more prominent.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction in eleventh house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 11th house : good income and gains, good network circle.

Jupiter saturn conjunction in twelfth house/Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 12th house : effort in spirituality, earning from foreign land and foreign companies.

Whenever Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction in chart, the house related to Aries will give the most setback in life.

The result of the conjunction would be altered by planetary aspects of other planets and the dignity of the planets.

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