Affliction of Rahu on other planets

Rahu is a mysterious planet and it works in a mysterious ways. No one can predict exactly how Rahu will behave for a certain person. In this article I will discuss the result of the affliction of Rahu on other planets. It is always observed that when Rahu makes a connection with other planet by conjunction or aspects, it destroys the signification of planet and house it is placed , this is known as affliction. If the afflicted planet is weak or ill placed then the destruction would be more and if the planet is strongly placed then the destruction would be less. So below are the details of affliction of Rahu on other planet.

Sun afflicted by Rahu

In terms of health, Rahu can give problem related to blood pressure and bile diseases. When Sun is badly placed it can also give problem related to digestive track. In family it can give turbulent relationship with father and son or elderly male member of family.

Moon afflicted by Rahu

In terms of health it can give disease related to sinus, cold, cough, blood pressure, physical weakness, worried mind, mental issues. As moon is the lord of fourth house it also gives property related issues. The native can be very home sick and can have troubled relation with mother.

Mars afflicted by Rahu

The affliction can cause disease related to impurity of blood. The native can have problem with siblings especially younger brother. It affects the activeness and courage of the native.

Jupiter afflicted by Rahu

It indicates problem with father, husband and son. It gives bad reputation and makes a person selfish and immoral. At the same time, it reduces hearing power and give problem to liver and pancreas. So Jupiter is the primary planet for diabetes.

Saturn afflicted by Rahu

It creates labor problem and bad reputation and is a bad yoga for businessman. It can give problem related to breathing, long lasting cough, up and down in health, spondylitis, problem related to right leg or right side of body, rheumatism, bone diseases.

Venus afflicted by Rahu

It can give unusual relationship or extramarital affair. The native is extremely sexual. It can also give diseases related to kidney.

Rahu does good in Mercury sign.

In dustana houses of horoscope

In sixth/ 6th house

Rahu in sixth house can give unemployment and problem in daily routine life. It also creates problem with family members. In terms of health, intestinal problem or undiagnosed diseases can be noticed. The native may loose through theft and the native can steal too.

In eighth /8th house

Disintegration of families and the native faces obstacles in all the steps of life. It gives death in family and losses. It gives unemployment and loss in business

In twelfth/ 12th house

Rahu indicates accident, loss of domestic fate and asset. The native may become physically very weak due to some kind of illness. The native can involve in vices and imprisonment.

Dustana houses behaves like malefic Rahu. It indicates diseases, infection and risky business that can incur losses. So during Rahu mahadasha, the native should be careful while doing business or in employment.

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