Ashlesha nakshatra in vedic astrology

Ashlesha nakshatra is the ninth nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Sign and degree:

Ashlesha nakshatra falls within 16.4 to 30 degree of Cancer. So ashlesha nakshatra has all the traits of cancer sign.

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Meaning and representation:

The root word of Ashlesha means “not more than enough”. Entwining, clinging or embracing as we cling to things which are not enough for us represents the nakshatra. Entwined snake or coiled snake represents the nakshatra.

The nakshatra activates at the age of 14th, 17th, 27th, 30th, 33rd, 41st and 65th year of age.

The deity of the nakshatra is serpent/ Naga, nakshatra lord is Mercury and cancer lord is moon.


While extracting the nectar of immortality by churning ocean, both the Demons and Gods took the help of serpent king Vasuki . After churning the ocean poisons also came out though everyone was searching for nectar of immortality. The mythology carries great importance while analyzing the nakshatra.

Magha naskahtra in vedic astrology

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 1:

The first pada of the nakshatra is in Sagittarius Navamsa. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Hence,they are dedicated and hardworking. At the same time, they may need to deal with enemies and health may suffer.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 2:

The second pada is in Capricorn Navamsa. Saturn rules Capricorn .So, they are extremely ambitious and can use negative traits to achieve goals by hook or by crook. They can be very materialistic.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 3:

The third pada is in Aquarius navamsa. Saturn rules Aquarius. So, they are into secrecy and occult side of life. Health of mother can be impacted.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 4:

The fourth pada of the nakshatra is in Pisces navamsa. Jupiter rules Pisces. Hence, there can be illusion and conflict with morals. People with the last pada are generally weak and cannot control others. Health of father can be adversely affected.

Interpretation of the nakshatra:

  1. The nakshatra got a bad rapport after ardra nakshatra
  2. As the nakshatra means clinging or entwining, people with this nakshatra find it difficult to let go of things and people in life.
  3. Cancer is all about emotions and ashlesha is all about churning so the person can go through a lot of emotional upheavals in life.
  4. The entwined snake symbol shows the tendency of person to clinge to relationships, wealth or other things in life. It depends on the planet which is on the nakshatra. Venus in ashlesha can show a person clinging to relationship and wealth.
  5. They always feels a sense of insecurity to certain things in life due to which they become extremely protective about certain things in life.
  6. Moo n in ashlesha nakshatra can give rise to insecure mind where the person always looks to cling to something. Even the mother of the native doesn’t feel like giving responsibilities or duties to the native.
  7. The nakshatra reaches its lowest point if the person become cunning or clever to get things he is clinging into.
  8. The last couple of degrees of ashlesha nakshatra are the gandanta points that can give more emotional trouble to the native. So it is about emotional upheavels and finding the right attachment in life
  9. As the nakshtra is full of impurities, this is the nakshatra where one can grow and purifies him/herself
  10. Entwined snake also shows kundalini energy, so such people can activate their kundalini energy thorugh spiritual practice like meditation
  11. They suffer a lot in early part of life and can be best counselor for others in later life.
  12. It all depends on the evolution of the soul about how they want to utilize the energy of ashlesha nakshatra.


Is Ashlesha a bad nakshatra?

As the nakshatra means clinging or entwining, people with this nakshatra find it difficult to let go of things and people in life. They can also go through a lot of emotional trauma or depression due to the nakshatra.

Is Ashlesha a dangerous nakshatra?

Ashlesha nakshatra got a bad rapport after Ardra but Moola nakshatra is more problematic than Ashlesha nakshatra.

Which nakshatra can marry Ashlesha nakshatra?

As Ashlesha nakshatra is ruled by mercury . Then any nakshatra ruled by planets like Saturn which is friendly to Mercury can marry Ashlesha nakshatra. Pushya nakshatra is one of the finest example which can work with Ashlesha nakshatra.

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