Sun through houses for Taurus ascendant

Sun through houses for Taurus ascendant

Sun represents personality , government, career, authority, father, ego, self esteem, education, health, ego. Sun rules the fourth house for Taurus ascendant. Fourth house is the house of home, mother, emotions, real estates, nourishment, childhood friends, peace of mind, conveyances. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign that represents creativity, love, arts, being on stage. It is the sign of feeling king or queen. It is a sign of independence, ego, self esteem. The lord of Leo is Sun. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun through houses for Taurus ascendant.

Aspect of Sun

Sun rules the fourth house for Taurus ascendant. Hence irrespective of the position of Sun , Sun will take the energy of the fourth house and will aspect seventh house from its position for Taurus ascendant.

As Sun represents ego and authority, aspect of Sun on a particular house shows ego and authority over the activities or people related to the particular house.

Sun in 1st house/ Sun in first house for Taurus ascendant

The influence of parents molds the personality of the native. Father always takes the opinion of mother. They love collecting assets through/from mother, luxury and fine foods.

The career decision of the native is greatly influenced by mother and they can be great businessman. They can work with childhood friends in later life. They can have fixed values regarding home and mother.

Parents can be in real estate business or banking, finance. They can belong to rich family if the second lord that is mercury is well placed. They are open who can provide security to them and can express themselves with emotions like mother. Their ego develops by attaining things.

The native tries to dominate others through wealth, assets, home and people may respect them. But the relationship with others may suffer due to wealth factor and ego battles.

Sun in 2nd house/ Sun in second house for Taurus ascendant

They are very subtle, practical. Leo is a fixed sign. They are practical while dealing with home and mother. As Gemini is a dual sign, they are passionate about communicating with family.

Parents plays an important role in developing communication skills. They love to value father, teaching of father and communicating with people. Sun brings masculine quality in their voice.

They are very clever while dealing with education and can move from one place to another a lot as fourth house energy is in dual sign. Their father can be in travelling business. They should give values to other person.

At the same time, they can have multiple property as Sun is in dual sign. Their decision or spending habit is not prominent. Wealth comes through communication, marketing, real estates.

They can have dominating nature with in-laws and spouse as Sun aspect the eighth house. It also shows that the father of the person can be involved with in-laws in a good way after marriage.

They love to know the darker side of life. The person can be in family business and may show authority over in-laws that may spoil the relationship. But it also shows wealth comes by serving other people.

Sun in 3rd house/ Sun in third house for Taurus ascendant

They love to be balanced in life and are very practical about their actions. Most of their decision are taken emotionally. They can make a decision quickly or impulsively based on emotion that can cost them later.

They have good emotional connection with mother but mother may always be travelling or making money. Mother can be spiritual Guru of the person. They can be indecisive sometimes.

During mahadasha of Sun, they can change their homes or they can travel a lot or sell their house to move to different home. Father can be a good businessman and can have good emotional connection with father. Father can be reflection of mother.

They are connected to younger siblings and can be father figure to the siblings. They are more connected to spiritual gurus than professors and can deal emotionally with customers and siblings but can have ego battles with Guru and teacher as they think they have better knowledge.

Sun in 4th house/ Sun in fourth house for Taurus ascendant

They are practical and fixed on agendas of life. They do not like sudden change. The mother takes the role of father in life.

The authoritative decision of home are taken by mother though father will be present. Mother can be from royal family and can be very dynamic and energetic personality.

Mother can treat the native like prince or princess.

At the same time, mother can push the native to fight for success. They can have a bright house and the house can be greatly benefited from government.

They love fixed assets. Their happiness comes through fixed asset especially in Magha nakshatra, they can have multiple incomes from assets and homes.

They love to treat themselves with royalty. Mother can provide all the amenities of life but there can be a lack of emotions with mother.

Though Sun looses its directional strength here but as it is in its own sign it shows the person has great back up and support from home, mother.

They develop their ego in home environment and through real estate. But as Sun aspect the tenth house from fourth house shows that the person may develop an authoritative position in career. At the same time, s/he also faces ego battles with boss and colleagues.

Sun in 5th house/ Sun in fifth house for Taurus ascendant

Mother is beautiful or has beautiful figure. Mother can be very much involved in education and can also be quite critical of studies, expression and children.

At the same time, mother can be very good with number or managing things. She can be detail oriented person. The native can be workaholic and loves to deal with contracts, business, finance. As Sun is in dual sign they can change their majors in education.

The children of the native can be a boy. Child of the native can be dominating personality and child can take the qualities of father.

One will have multiple houses in life and they can live legacy through father. Father can be in finance, banking, accounting. They can gain fixed property through mother.

Their happiness comes through service, NGO or nourishing people especially if Sun is in Hasta nakshatra. The person will go in trading based on real estate and assets.

The person shows ego on network circle and elder siblings of 11th house. Though it indicates gain and income but their gain may reduce due to network circle as no one likes authority over others.

Sun in 6th house/ Sun in sixth house for Taurus ascendant

Sun is third from its own house for Taurus ascendant. And third house is the house of efforts. Sun is debilitated in this house which is the sign of Libra. The person has to really work hard to maintain relationship with mother.

Their self esteem can go down due to mother, mother also needs to work hard to feed the child. Mother may not give sufficient time to the native. They may either win or loose property through dispute.

They can get involved in bad company at early age. It will give good money to the native. They have the ability to defeat enemies and can beat the obstacles. They can also separate from home and go to foreign land.

At the same time, they can make money and good asset in foreign land. They may lack emotional connection with parents but if tenth lord is well placed than the person will have good relationship with father.

They are very creative. If Sun conjunct Venus in sixth house, they can rise in creativity. If the native is struggling in homeland, they should move away from their homeland and state.

They can also develop their ego in foreign land through spirituality or working behind the scenes etc. Sun in Libra shows ego development through creativity so such person should always go to creative fields

Sun in 7th house/ Sun in seventh house for Taurus ascendant

They can have a karmic relationship with mother. Grandmother can raise them and they can also travel to foreign lands. Mother can be strict and intense personality.

Marriage can have power struggle due to mother. Mother plays an important role in molding the personality of the native. Scorpio and Aquarius is a karmic sign so they can have deep relationship with mother/ may face problem in maintain relationship with mother.

They look for partner as intense as mother. The marriage decisions will also be impacted with mother. They can either loose umbrella if Sun is in 8 to 12 degrees.

Marriage can be all about partnership. They can have properties in foreign land. They can be extremely intense while dealing with real estates and home.

Real estates and assets go through real changes and transformations. This impacts the ego of the individual and his ego slowly develops when he is able to deal with those transformation. Development of ego takes place through transformation and relationship can be challenging.

Sun in 8th house/ Sun in eighth house for Taurus ascendant

They can change residence suddenly for good purpose. Mother can be greatly interested in mysticism, philosophy. The native and mother is secretive about home.

They can also get secret information from mother. At the same time, mother can be a secret Guru for the native. Mother can be occultist and astrologers. The native can work in tax department or finances.

Father can also deal with secret documents in workplace. Parents can be lawyers.

As Sun is atmakaraka, it shows that purpose of life is learning secret information and transforming others life through the information. Mother can face tremendous up and down of life which smoothens after the birth of life.

Sun in Sagittarius shows that person develops ego and authority through higher education related to occult and secrecy.

The home life and ego of the person will have some ups and downs. On the other hand, they also show same confidence and ego towards family and becomes authoritative over family.

Sun in 9th house/ Sun in ninth house for Taurus ascendant

The person can find their dwelling away from birthplace. They are grown up in a fixed value system and are open to different concepts in life. Mother can be very conservative and strict.

She can be very important for instilling religious and spiritual belief system and can also be very strict in dealing with religion and spirituality. Mother can deal with authoritative figure.

Parents can have very high expectations from the native. The native can find it difficult to open up about others belief system. If there is malefic impact of Rahu, ketu, mars on the Sun , the person can leave their homeland and mother.

There can be major power struggle with mother. They can show interest in the field of law, teacher, philosophy, religion. Parents can be in govt sector. As it is the bhagya sthan , luck will rise due to mother.

As Sun is in enemy sign of Capricorn so fourth house related matters can suffer. At the same time, their ego can be badly affected due to father and gurus who can be critical of them. The native can also have a lot of ego battles with teacher or father. Their ego develops after a lot of hardship. The native displays ego and authority on younger siblings and relatives.

Sun in 10th house/ Sun in tenth house for Taurus ascendant

Sun is in Aquarius in the tenth house for Taurus ascendant. They can be workaholic and love to work and giving less time to family. Their home life may suffer due to too much involvement in work.

Parents can be a scientist, working for NGO or professional. Mother can have a great vision.

The native also has a very scientific outlook. Mother or people of homeland can be helpful in shaping the career and personality of the native. Mother can also take the role of father and native can be patriotic.

They have high thinking and their connection/communication with people is dominating. They can make bold statements.

Sun is in enemy sign but Sun gains its directional strength and aspects the fourth house related matter so here person may be working for real estate matter or local govt.

On the other hand, career may be delayed and frustrations may lead to show authority and ego at home that may spoil relationship at home.

Sun in 11th house/Sun in eleventh house for Taurus ascendant

They have fixed values about themselves and like to have balance at home. They love to create friendship with people who are artistic, creative, peaceful and they love travelling. The native has more interaction with father than mother.

They can change their home quickly. Their transformation comes when they come across organization of spirituality.

The more people helps the native to realize their potential and creativity, the more they want to part of that. If mars, Saturn, ketu afflicts the Sun than they can have power struggles while expressing themselves through creativity.

They can be great swimmers and love to be in water. Their gains, hopes and wishes are all about expressing themselves creatively. They can find spouse through connection of father.

Woman may want a spouse equivalent to the status of father. Incase of man, they can gain a lot from mother. Mother can have great leadership qualities and can also be good at decision making.

They love travelling and get authority, recognition and gains in life in foreign land. The fourth house related matter will be helpful to the person but only when he leaves the homeland.

The person may gain recognition in foreign land due to which the person develops ego and show it on their children that can spoil the relationship.

Sun in 12th house/ Sun in twelfth house for Taurus ascendant

Sun is exalted in twelfth house in Aries. They find happiness , joy of spirituality, ego in isolated or foreign land. Their ego develops in foreign land. They love to be in isolation and can settle in foreign places or foreign land.

They find balance and happiness in spiritual realms and can have properties in foreign land. The ego can have higher dimensional philosophy. Mother can be authoritative and respectable person who guides the native in spirituality.

Saturn and Sun together can show engaging in spiritual activities like opening temple , NGO. The person may gain authority in government departments and foreign companies.

Sun aspects the 6th house and person shows authority and ego on daily work routines, colleagues at workplace that can spoil the relationship.

Ego factor will always be there where Sun is placed. Exalted Sun only means dignified ego but ego always hurts relationship. The aspect of Sun may destroy few things of life but brighten other things.

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