Sun through houses for Aries ascendant

Aspects of Sun through all houses for Aries ascendant

Sun represents personality , government, career, authority, father, ego, self esteem, education, health, ego. Sun rules the fifth house for Aries ascendant. Fifth house is the house of happiness, creativity, innovation, sports, movies, children, stock trading, gambling, betting, education and ancient texts. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign that represents creativity, love, arts, being on stage. It is the sign of feeling king or queen. It is a sign of independence, ego, self esteem. Aries ascendant has zodiac sign of Leo in fifth house. The lord of Leo is Sun. Here is the detailed analysis of sun through houses for Aries ascendant

Meaning of aspect of Sun :

Sun can be placed in any house for Aries ascendant but Sun will take the energy of the sign Leo wherever it is placed. Then it will aspect on the 7th house from its position. As Sun represents ego and authority, the aspect of Sun will always shows ego and authority on the people or activities related to the house it aspects.

Sun in 1st house/ Sun in first house for Aries ascendant:

Sun is exalted in Aries. So the energies of the fifth house activities of education, creativity, media/ arts are in first house that can make the person very proud of himself. His authority and ego will now reflects on seventh house of other people and masses.

The person will have great authority over other people but relationship with other may suffer due to dominating and authoritative personality. It is a good position for fame but not good for relationship.

Sun in 2nd house/ Sun in second house for Aries ascendant :

This is one of the dhanyoga as fifth house lord is now in second house. The person can make good amount of wealth and assets for family but the person will show ego on the in-laws due to which relationship may suffer. The person may show off his wealth or asset to others.

Sun in 3rd house/ Sun in third house for Aries ascendant :

The person can make business of 5th house related things but the person show his authority on ninth house of higher education, philosophy, religion etc. He can be in authority of higher learning, religion and philosophy. He may have ego battles with gurus/teacher and father. On the other hand, the person will be courageous.

Sun in 4th house/ Sun in fourth house for Aries ascendant :

The person can utilize his education and creativity and can work in home or private office. The person will be authoritative in career but authority in career may be delayed as Sun looses its directional strength. Father of the native can be absent in life.

Sun in 5th house/ Sun in fifth house for Aries ascendant :

The person reaches position of authority due to education and creativity. The native shows authority on 11th house of gains and income. Authoratitive nature of the individual may impact their relationship or network circle. The native will aspire for rewards and recognition. They can also use their authority on NGO and social service.

Sun in 6th house/ Sun in sixth house for Aries ascendant :

Education and creativity of the native is in the field of obstacles, disputes and diseases. Aspect of Sun on 12th house shows authority on medicines, law, hospitals and jails.

Sun in 7th house/ Sun in seventh house for Aries ascendant :

As Sun is debilitated in Libra, the person may lack ego and self esteem. Relationship with spouse can suffer. The person can get fame due to his creativity. It can also help him to gain ego/self esteem. It also shows recognition within masses through creativity.

Sun in 8th house/ Sun in eighth house for Aries ascendant :

Their ego develops by dealing with chaotic situations of life. At early childhood sudden unpredictable changes may smash their ego. Once ego develops, they show it on their family.

Sun in 9th house/ Sun in ninth house for Aries ascendant :

The person gains ego and confidence due to education, higher education, religion and philosophy. The authoritative nature of the individual is displayed through communicating/ preaching and counselling others. He can also show authority on younger siblings that can burn the relationship.

Sun in 10th house/ Sun in tenth house for Aries ascendant :

The person’s career and ego develops slowly, as there can be frustration at workplace in early stages of career. The person can show ego and authority at home. With steady growth in later part of life, the native can show authority at workplace.

Sun in 11th house/ Sun in eleventh house for Aries ascendant :

Person gains slowly through education and creativity. The native shows his/her ego or authority on children or lover due to which relationship may suffer. The seventh aspect on fifth house will strengthen education and creativity.

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Sun in 12th house/ Sun in twelfth house for Aries ascendant :

The person can be creative in the field of imagination and can work behind the scenes. Sun may loose its significance in 12th house so the person may lack self esteem and ego. The person gain his confidence while dealing with obstacles of daily work life. The more he deals with obstacles successfully, the more he develops his ego and confidence.

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