Astrology test #1

What the conjunctions and aspects indicates?

It shows the person can get married lately in their 30s. Spouse is matured and elder than the native. Their ego, self confidence develops in later part of life. They can have duty/responsibility of home and they can have issues with government in career in early part of life. They can even lost job if they are running through sun dasha. Relationship with father may not go well. They get an authoritative position in their career but it may not meet their level of expectation they are looking for. They can be dominating in career. Father can also be an important personality in govt or politics. It also shows that married life can be stressful as lord of 7th house is aspecting Sun and Jupiter being the karaka of marriage is in enemy sign with Mars.

Mars is a yogakaraka planet . They are courageous. They can be good writer, strict teacher and can gain from speculative business. They are action oriented in business, media and communication.

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