Astrology test #2

Question,1. Why this woman has troubled marriage? How will be her Jupiter Mahadasha in her 30s?

Answer: Generally 7th house is the house of marriage and when we look at the horoscope, the native is a Scorpio ascendant with seventh house ruled by Taurus. The lord of Taurus is Venus. Venus is placed in 7th house. It shows the spouse is handsome and she is getting all the luxuries and comfort of life after marriage. Then where the marriage is lacking?

So whenever we see the chart for marriage, we must look for the position of Jupiter as Jupiter is the karaka of marriage. Jupiter also denotes husband in a woman chart. In this chart, Jupiter is debilitated so we cannot expect a honky dory marriage though comforts and relationship would be there.

How will be her Jupiter Mahadasha?

As Jupiter is debilitated and sitting with Saturn in Capricorn, it shows that the native will lack emotional connection with her husband during Jupiter Mahadasha. As Saturn is a cold planet, it indicates a cold and loveless married life.

But as Jupiter is placed with Saturn it created Neech Bhang Raj yoga that gives her recognition in work field during Jupiter Mahadasha.

Debilitated Jupiter in astrology

Moon is the planet of relationship and adjustment. Her moon is in Aquarius in Dhanistha nakshatra, a nakshatra of celibacy so she got a problematic married life.

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