Astrology test #3

What is the life path of the native? What career and marriage predictions we can conclude from the chart?

Ans: Life path of the native:

Mars and ketu are ruler of Scorpio ascendant. It shows that the entire life path of the native is focused on career, creativity and children. As ketu is in the 5th house , it also shows separation from first child. As mars and ketu also represents weapons and explosives and 10th house is the house of law and government, it shows the person can get involved in weapon related case with government.

Leo is the sign of creativity so leo in 10th house shows career in creative field. Mars being the ruler of 6th house shows that the native has to deal with obstacles in career. Mars in Leo shows the person and his father are very strong willed individuals. The native is ready to take any challenges in career. There can be certain up and down in the career of the native. Venus shows career in creative field. Venus mars combination can also show involvement in creative technology related field as Mars is technology.

Sun being the lord of 10th house and sitting in 9th house which is 12th house from 10th house shows loss/change in career during Sun MD/AD. The person may need to restart his career again after a certain gap. It also shows distant relationship with father due to higher education. But as Sun is well placed in 9th house shows the person has a good relationship with father and father can be like a guru to the native.


Venus being the lord of 7th and 12th house shows spouse can have some foreign connection and the native can meet his spouse in workplace. There can be a loss in relationship/ marriage as Venus is with Mars in fiery sign that can heat up Mars resulting in conflicts/legal cases in marriage as Mars rules 6th house of litigation.

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