Astrology test # 4

Birth Chart

D9 Chart

How will be the married life of the native?

Prediction as per Birth chart

Ans: First we will look at 7th house, the house of marriage. &th house is ruled by Taurus. Venus being the lord of 7th house placed in ascendant in Scorpio, which is an enemy sign, shows that spouse of the native is beautiful. The life path of the individual may go through some transformation after marriage. It also shows after marriage the native may need to deal with people who are facing obstacles in life. But as Venus is aspecting the seventh house which is its own sign so it will try to protect its own house.

Now we will see the aspects of planets

  1. There are three aspects – Saturn has 10th aspect on 7th house, Jupiter has 5th aspect in 7th house and Venus has seventh aspect on 7th house. It shows the person can get involved in business after marriage. Saturn has its 10th aspect on 7th house shows it is always better to have a delayed marriage which can be after 30. It also shows a cold and practical partner. Jupiter, the karaka of marriage is debilitated and fifth aspect shows tendency of second marriage and the native can have extra marital affair.

Prediction as per Navamsa:

Now Venus being the atmakaraka of Navamsa and placed in moolatrikona sign shows that the person will have peace in family life. Saturn being the lord of 7th house in navamsa and placed in 11th house of hopes and desires shows that native will have fulfillment of hopes and desires after 35 in marriage. Jupiter being the lord of ninth house and placed in 7th house where it is debilitated. Now here comes a little twist. Jupiter becomes a vargottama planet in navamsa and jupiter being friendly to cancer will protect the marriage rather than damaging it. An average marriage can be expected.

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