Astrology test #5

Question: What can you say about the married life and relationship of the person?

Answer: Moon being debilitated in first house forming Neech Bhang raj yoga will be helpful for the native in professional life but as moon represents relationship and adjustment, this person can face relationship problem in personal life. The native can also have problem with mother especially till the age of 31 as maturity of Mars is 28 to 31 years. At the same time we can also see that mars has its fourth aspect on 4th house and Saturn and Venus has its 7th aspect which shows person can face conflicts at home but at the same time he is protective about home as Mars 4th aspect is protection of home.

Now in terms of marriage, The person is Manglik. Venus, the seventh lord of marriage is sitting with Saturn and Saturn also has tenth aspect in the seventh house that shows delayed marriage. Saturn and mars aspect on seventh house shows stressful married life. Position of Jupiter also needs to be taken care while analysing the whole horoscope. But stability in marriage is likely to come after 30.

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